West Palm Beach Animal Control & Removal Services

Racoon Trapping

Raccoons are tricky animals, and with their size and chance of carrying rabies, they’re not an animal you should try to take care of yourself. We have the expertise to safely remove raccoons through well-designed traps so that no one gets hurt.

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Wildlife Removal

If wild animals have taken up residence in or around your home, we can get them out of your hair before there’s a conflict. We can trap and relocate live animals, and we can properly dispose of dead ones.

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Animal Control

For containment of an escaped animal, like a lost or rabid dog for example, our animal control service is your best option. We can provide rabies treatments, take lost animals to the shelter, investigate bite incidents, and more.

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Bee Control & Removal

Bees are tough insects to deal with, and they’re even worse neighbors. We can safely remove every last bee, get rid of their hive, and apply treatments to keep them from coming back. No more worrying about getting stung when you’re minding your own business!

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Bat Control & Removal

Bats can find their way into your attic and walls, and they bring tons of problems with them. They flap loudly at night, they can carry rabies and other diseases, and if they leave droppings in large enough amounts they give off toxins. Let us get rid of your bat problem and clean up their mess.

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Raccoons R Us Wildlife and Bee Removal Experts
Raccoons R Us Wildlife and Bee Removal Experts